The natural active ingredients of ointment act in an extraordinary way as the most effective means of soothing from Hemorrhoids. Its cooling activity is stronger, faster and longer-lasting in comparison with other preparations. It is certainly possible to use it as preventive treatment ointment contains a unique combination of natural active ingredients, with a safe and innovative formula, recommended for the treatment of Hemorrhoids and Anal fissures and for protection of inflamed tissue against infection. Ointment quickly and effectively removes pressure, inflammation, itching, irritation, increased sensitivity and burning sensation, by activating the biological body’s healing mechanism and accelerating cell regeneration process and tissue recovery. Since ointment is free of side effects, it is possible to use it with no restrictions (i.e. more frequently and for a long period), a necessary condition for the treatment of severe attacks of Hemorrhoids. The preparation is suitable for use by men and women of all ages, pregnant and nursing women, and people who take prescription medicines simultaneously for the treatment of various illnesses, with no contra-indications.